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Gaming Podcast by Gamer Friends....

I  recently had some friends start a gaming podcast.  Its about an hour long but covers some current gaming news and platform related news.  It wonderfully has the viewpoint of both genders which is sorely lacking elsewhere.

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This first episode covers some of the Playstation debacle and a game called Little Inferno (Trailer) as well as the Game and Kickstarter for Star Citizen.   Not to mention the main focus of the podcast a review of The Wolf Among Us.

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Some brilliant author please...

Someone needs to write a book about how our whole society is completely without regard for others. We don't allow for other religions, other races, other thoughts, other beliefs, other viewpoints.  We have lost the idea of common ground and compromise.  Each side becoming more and more polarized. 

Mature adults should be able to allow ideas and thoughts contrary to their own to exist in the world without recoiling.  They should be able to understand those people exist and that in order to live on the same rock floating around the sun we have to find common ground.  Each needing to give a little in order to come to an understanding.

Instead we are devolving into a group of warring factions that simply want to erradicate the members of any group that is not our own.   The truth is not black and white. Its messy, and its gray.  The human brain has trouble with ambiguity. I understand that but can we please put some higher brain functions into action?


Spider Silk, again

Spider silk is one of those miracle things that constantly finds its way onto biotech blogs or tech blogs.  Its always some great conversation about spider silk and the properties of spidersilk that have been recently used to do this thing or that thing.

However one problem always remains.  How to get lots of spider silk. 

This article by Wired points to a company that is trying to solve that very problem and seems to have come up with yet another use for spider silk along the way.   Its interesting to me that spider silk continues to be just beyond our grasp despite everything we seem to know about it.

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Blogs that Don't

I pretty much fall into this category more often than not as work and my night school combined with my 5 year old dissolve all my time.  I cannot say I am sorry because....well...i am not really.  I am sorry about something.

There is some part of my blog I have not been paying much attention to.  References.  I guess maybe they got added in after or I just never noticed them cause no one was using them.  But they have been filled with spam and redirection links.  I believe I have deleted all of them.  I will be looking to just remove references all together or even better just make them so only I can use them.  I don't want what few readers I have to be bothered with nefarious links on my page.


So for what its worth....I am sorry about that.