Feedly only has Shared Feeds ....

So Feedly isn't supporting individual curated stories as of yet.  They posted that they were planning on supporting this feature but that it was future.  No idea what that means for those of us waiting.  But for now here is my feeds I troll a bit.  Just a small group. I will add to them later. 


My Feedly     ( )


I'm not very reliable.....I know

Its hard to keep updating all the time.  Life gets in the way and you forget.  So I would applogize but you know its going to happen again.

*shrugs* I will do what I can to fix it.

And with that I am working on a feedly based curation of articles.  I am starting it for a friend who lives in Argentina but it will probably be interesting for anyone who is way to interested in everything.


I will post it as soon as I can and I will figure out how to put some effort into being less of a slacker.  


------------------------Added Later-----------------------

Ok so feedly hasn't added the functionality yet.  You can only share feeds but not curate individual stories.  Without that its all kind of pointless. I have to wait.  


Technology that Misses the Mark

The Ekocycle Cube 3D is yet another 3D printer.  While I understand the concept of using recycled materials to print in 3D this concept is a hollow one. The printer doesn't allow you to recycle your own waste instead the printer uses filament cartridges (not useful across platforms) to deliver material to the printer.  The issue here is that although the idea is provoking its not new.  This printer is advertising itself as an eco 3D printer.  The printer looks great and the marketing is well thought out however lets not delude ourselves here.  This printer is selling the idea of recycling but its not actually recycling your waste. 

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Growing Bricks? Deliberate Redesign/Old Process

A few years ago I first heard about the incredible amount of CO2 that was generated via the concrete and brick industry.  I even heard glimmers of research into ways that brick and concrete could be redesigned such as the replacement of concrete with a overhauled version of the type of cement the Romans used which unlike our current day Portland cement doesn't toss quite so much CO2 into the air.

But then

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Personal Log:  Graduation

After many years I went back to college just one class a night via an online program at the very college I started at back in 1997.  I did well class to class able to focus on one set of assignments despite having a job and a family.  I won't lie it wasn't super hard but its wasn't easy by any stretch and some of the classes really pushed me to look at some subjects that were pretty uncomfortable.

I am a tech geek as you all know but my degree is in behavioral science because

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