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Learn to Work with Carbon Fiber

I am interested in this process and DIY possibility.  So i am capturing this here for the readers as much as for myself.  If anyone pursues this please let me know.

Learn to Work with Carbon Fiber:

Carbon Fiber Primer from MAKE Volume 09

"There are certainly no shortage of cool carbon fiber-based projects that have been posted on Makezine, like the carbon fiber Macbook Air, bike frame, kegerator draft tower, and trekking poles. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to work with carbon fiber and need a good entry point, check out our carbon fiber primer from MAKE Volume 09 (March 2007, thus the iPod mini in the opener shot), now freely available on our DIY wiki, Make: Projects. Industrial design professor John Wanberg teaches you how to form, lay up, and cure your own high-performance composites in 12 steps. Check it out!"