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MMO: Vendor Trash and the Future of Boar Intestines

Why do we have vendor trash?

In my moderate to heavy MMO addiction I have consumed many games and killed many creatures, completed thousands perhaps even hundreds of thousands of quests and carted back a king's ransom in vendor trash selling it nay stuffing it into the pockets of merchants across the universe/realm.  What a blacksmith is going to do with the claw from a kobold or a boar intestine is beyond me and honestly we are all better off not knowing.  Just give me the coins and let me run off and bag up some more intestine for you.


Why am I carting around all this intestine? Who honestly wants rat pelts? and why can I use none of this junk to craft anything?

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Nexus S mini-game adds whimsy to list of must-have specs

Not a terrible way to spend 25-30 minutes. I am pretty sure i used fans in a way that fans were not meant to be used.  Also I barely used explosives at all.  The bubbles were surprisingly useful.  Take a look.

Nexus S mini-game adds whimsy to list of must-have specs: "

In an effort to help force your ambivalent hand at the checkout, Google's taken a decidedly whimsical approach to Nexus S marketing. The end result: an interactive, YouTube-hosted mini-game that lets you bounce and blow four Google app-labeled balls through a funnel to the Nexus S. Sound fun? It kind of is, but before you wonder where the last half-hour went, keep in mind there's no free handset at the end of this Android rainbow -- just pure fun. It's a cute distraction that probably won't have you forgetting about dual core processors anytime soon, but could still sway your credit card if you're the silly type. Check the source below to get your Google-gaming on.